Lotbid is a Revolutionary Leader in the Online Timed Auction Market

Liquidations are special events with unique methods of merchandising and marketing which have been refined by liquidators and auctioneers for hundreds of years. Our methods create a competitive bidding environment that pits the bidders against each other rather than the Seller.

Many of the innovative marketing and merchandising techniques employed by Lotbid.com have been developed by our team for a robust experience. Our pioneering aspects of online marketing optimization, presentations and skilled sales allows us to provide top notch solutions with unprecedented speed. Your project will surely benefit from our ability to quickly prepare and present your assets for sale in record time to a large sizable audience.

Maximizing for Success

The key to maximizing the success of any personal property liquidation is to provide the purchaser with complete product information and to conduct the sale in a manner which promotes comfort, flexibility and confidence with the purchasing decision.

An Event-Based Company

In our business every client is different. Each liquidation event has a unique beginning, middle and end. We believe in treating each and every event like a one-time-only cannot miss opportunity encouraging a best price for Lotbid clients.

Below you will find a listing of our (6) main auction event types.

We want to help you choose your perfect fit!

Six Main Types of Lotbid.com Selling Events:

1. Event Based Sales

Unlike eBay, Craigslist and other online market places or classifieds, which sell a single item to a single buyer, LotBid.com is an event based liquidation auction site and each event sells many assets to many buyers. Each auction has a set location, previewing time, closing and removal.

2. Supervised Events

From the time you decide to liquidate your excess assets until you turn the empty space over, LotBid.com provides the evaluation, identification, cataloging, marketing, sales, transaction and site management to assure a turn-key, low impact success. Sellers only need to identify items to be liquidated (or not), then we can independently manage every aspect of the liquidation process in your favor.

3. Self-Supervised Events

Clients with fewer assets often appreciate the flexibility to prepare their own inventories (utilizing LotBid.com cataloging operations, then manage their own inspection and/or removal.

The self-supervised event benefits from all of the marketing and sales resources of Lotbid.com, while reducing the cost to the client. An added benefit of the self-supervised event is that the seller maintains control of the production, sale and removal schedule.

4. Employee Sales

Many times organizations want employees, sub-tenants or associates to have the exclusive opportunity to purchase assets. Lotbid.com provides multiple solutions to assure the buying experience is fun, fair, efficient and appreciated.

5. Bulk Sales

In some circumstances, assets are best suited for bulk sale in their entirety to a single purchaser. Lotbid.com can provide a sales solution that assures the Seller achieves the most commercially reasonable sale within the framework of the schedule and removal requirements.

6. Online Inventories & Valuations

The relocation, redeployment and liquidation process depends upon having accurate information to make good decisions. Lotbid.com can quickly prepare detailed asset inventories complete with barcodes, digital photos, description, manufacturer, model, serial numbers and location codes. Reports are available in both spreadsheet and fully searchable online form, allowing clients from across the country to collaborate in real time to refine inventory allocation decisions.

The low impact and flexibility of the internet only sale affords Lotbid.com the ability to provide an infinite number of solutions customized to the unique requirements of our clients.

Seller Advantages to selling through Lotbid.com an “Online Specialized Auction”:

1. Less security issues when conducted at the sellers property. There will only be periodic foot traffic on the day of preview and pickup vs. an all day in person on-site selling event.

2. No reason to rent port-a-toilets, saving additional seller expenses and hassle.

3. Much less of a problem with left behind trash from food, coffee cups etc… So less clean up.

4. Not usually any parking limitations. On-site live auctions can require 50 plus parking spaces. Many city’s and municipality’s do not allow live on-site auctions do to zoning regulations. In many instances when available, permitting may be due. This can be the reason some auctions are held on weekends for evasive reasons. We have ran into instances where landlords of residences and commercial properties will not allow live public auctions. Online auctions are much more discreet in this fashion.

5. More convenient for the buyer to be able to spend time evaluating potential purchases with better more precise cataloging and available photoing. Buyers can sit in the comfort of their home or office placing lot bids from anywhere in the world. Weather is not a factor. The true wave of the future.

6. No questions from buyers as to not hearing a live auctioneers bid calling of selling amount. All lot bids are in black and white.

7. You can bid and follow auction lots while on the go using your tablet or smart phone. Just connect via hotspot or wifi anywhere in the world. Lotbid.com bidding engine is super robust and easy to navigate on any web accessible device.

8. Thousands of buyers from all over the US and around the World have access to our auctions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

9. If a buyer can’t make the closing of a Lotbid.com auction, they have the option of setting a high proxy-bid.

10. Properly held and marketed online auctions can be much more profitable for sellers vs. the old method of auctioneering. We at Lotbid go the extra mile to ensure our services are a WIN WIN for everyone!

Developers at Lotbid.com are continually striving to improve distinctive functional and operational methodologies making a “Timed Online Auction” the Best Choice.