Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions of this auction you acknowledge you are entering into a legal and binding contract.

When paying within the stated time and with our acceptable payment methods, the buyer’s premium for timed auctions is 10% on all items. You agree to make payment for all online purchases in U.S. Funds within 2 business days or less of receipt of invoice. Payment Types include bank wire transfers, credit cards (additional 3% fee applies) or overnight a business or certified check. State and county sales taxes, will be charged where applicable. No items will be released until full payment clears our office. For payment questions contact 816-988-7759 or email contact@lotbid.com.

LotBid.com and our employees act merely as agents for sellers. All auctions are with reserve unless specifically stated otherwise. All final bids are subject to the seller’s confirmation. Only the top bidder will be contacted as to the status of his/her bid. While the information we provide on item(s) is deemed correct, no warranties are expressed or implied as to any items being sold and you agree to purchase and accept the item in an as‐is condition, where the item is located. Information on items is obtained by us from the sellers and you hereby agree to hold harmless Lot-Bid LLC and our employees for any errors and/or omissions regarding the item(s) being sold. This information includes but is not limited to year, model, machine or engine hours, physical condition, options, features and other data pertinent to the value of the item.


Auction Close. Timed online auctions will begin to close on the date and time listed. Timed online auctions normally close at a rate of one lot per minute. LotBid.com reserves the right to close multiple lots per minute at their discretion. Upon your accepted bid of an item, that item shall immediately become your responsibility and be at your risk (whether you have paid for that item or not). LotBid.com nor our employees, and their sellers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and will not reimburse or discount items for any type of loss. Buyers are responsible for any costs incurred to prepare their item(s) for transport. This includes but is not limited to the cost of any rigging, disassembly, special loading requirements, transport, insurance and all other costs related to transport of purchased item(s). You agree to remit payment and remove from the auction property any purchases within the stated time for the auction being conducted.

LotBid LLC retains the right, at our discretion, to add, delete or change some or all of our online services, terms and conditions.